WATER SLIDE WORLD Lake George, NY It is with great sadness that I have to share bad news with you. The creator, designer, builder, owner and operator of Water Slide World, for the past 39 seasons, Gary Koncikowski, has passed away. It was sudden and totally unexpected. After much consideration and analyzing all of the pros and cons to managing and operating the waterpark on my own, without my husband, partner and best friend of 39 years, I have decided that I cannot fill my sneakers and his.. as I am lacking some of the required certifications that only Gary held. As a result, I have decided Not to Open Water Slide World for the 2018 Summer Season. I will be back in 2019 all certified and ready to share another summer with you. I would like to thank you for your patronage over the past 39 years. Have a great summer. God Bless all of my summer friends and thank you, Dawn Koncikowski
                             WATER SLIDE WORLD  Lake George, NY It is with great sadness that I have to share bad news with you. The creator, designer, builder, owner and operator of  Water Slide World, for the past 39 seasons, Gary Koncikowski, has passed away. It was sudden and totally unexpected. After much consideration and analyzing all of the pros and cons to managing and operating the waterpark on my own, without my husband, partner and best friend of 39 years, I  have decided that I cannot fill my sneakers and his.. as I am lacking some of the required certifications thatonly Gary held. As a result,  I have decided Not to Open Water Slide World for the 2018 Summer Season. I will be back in 2019 all certified and readyto share another summer with you.  I would like to thank you for your patronage over the past 39 years. Have a great summer.  God Bless all of my summer friends and thank you,    Dawn Koncikowski


Water Slide in George, NY Water Slide World Lake George NY

WATER SLIDE WORLD is a family run and Family Oriented Water Park in upstate New York.  This great park is located in Lake George in the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York.  We are halfway between New York city and Montreal Canada.






Water Park for Kids Family

At Water Slide World, you'll find a wide variety of Several Exciting Waterslides, the very  First Wave Pool of New York State, an amazing Adventure Tube River Ride, Water Volleyball Pool, Sand Volleyball, Toddler Areas and much more.


Water Slide World offers Free Parking and you can bring in a picnic lunch in order to save your very hard earned dollars while enjoying this great way to connect with family and friends in a laid-back fun filled and exciting atmosphere.


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